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Does anyone here use Kesimpta?

I started kesimpta injections, and I’m on my third week before I start monthly. Does anyone here use that treatment? What has it helped or not helped with? Cause I don’t feel much different. I just got diagnosed even though the first initial finding was around 7 years ago. Looking for relief and just trying to see what treatments are out there in case this one doesn’t work.

  1. Hi, ! I have to be honest and tell you that I do not have much knowledge about Kesimpta. Your experience with the treatment could be really helpful for this community! I know you were hoping for more information about the drug from people who have used or are using it and I do hope those individuals see your post and chime in! Do you feel like the treatment is working for you? I know it may be too early to tell. Again, apologies for not having more helpful insight for you thank you for reaching out! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I knew that there may not be to many that have tried it’s apparently a newer. I’m so far I have had bad side effects except with the first dose I had some fever and some horrible muscle aches other than that the injections have been easy, as far as if it’s helping honestly I can’t tell a huge difference yet but like you said it could be just to early but I will definitely keep everyone updated on this medicine as I continue to start this journey to get or at least feel better. Thank you so much for replying. I am so glad to be a part of this group because it’s hard to always talk to the ones around you because sometimes it just can’t be described. Thanks again

      1. I was/am part of the trial. Prior to this drug, I was on Copaxone and I didn’t like it. As far as side effects from the kasimpta I didn’t really have any except for a very small bought of shingles. I probably had 4-5 shingle bumps but I went to my doctor right away and got some medicine that cleared that up quick before it became a problem. I think I was one of the few who had shingles while on this med. I am 43 so shingles isn’t something that I think is typical for my age group. I have continued to take the drug it for over a year since the shingles and have not had any more issues with shingles. I have not had any other side effects from the medication. I have not had a relapse. I have not had any new lesions. Some symptoms seem to have improved. Occasionally prior to this drug I would get some tingling in the left side of my face for a few hours in the winter when it was really cold (I live outside of Chicago) but haven’t had that since taking the drug. I did not have any trouble with mobility before I took the drug and that hasn’t changed. I am lucky in my disease progression or lack there of. I feel like nothing is going to make everything go away and some symptoms could and do occur from time to time but I like this option for me. I would not change my drug choice. This is just my experience and I can’t speak for everyone. I don’t know anyone else on the drug personally but I believe the study didn’t show many side effects.

        1. I took my very first dose about 1 hour ago. I don't know if this group is active, but there is NO information from actual patients out there - so what the heck. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. I took Rebif for about a year and a half, but was getting new lesions. I tried Tecfidera after that - I took it for 10 days and had to stop. I didn't tolerate it. I was wanting to do Ocrevus next, and my doctor told me about Kesimpta. The injection was easy and totally painless. No injection reaction yet. I did notice that some of my most common sensation related symptoms, and my muscle spasms started acting up shortly after the injection. We will see what happens. I didn't do anything to prepare for the injection except to eat a meal first.

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience, ! This thread keeps chugging along as community members like you add to it with their experiences. This kind of personal insight is really helpful, especially for the newly diagnosed looking for some real life insight on the effects of certain medications. I hope kesimpta turns out to be a good fit for you (with minimal side effects)! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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