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Lemtrada Anyone?

Anyone out there taking Lemtrada?

I recently traveled to Dresden Germany for my first 5 doses. I am writing a blog about the experience as well as other places to get Lemtrada & the costs. The blog can be found at:

If you have experience with Lemtrada I would like to hear your story so other people can benefit from your experience.

If you did go abroad for treatment and are willing to share your contacts & the cost of your treatment I would like to share that as well.

So far I am really doing well (took Lemtrada 4/7/14 to 4/11/14). So I am a newbie. I am very interested to know what the future holds with this treatment. I am also monitoring FDA actions on Lemtrada. In December the FDA denied approval of Lemtrada due to minor study design issues. Genzyme (the manufacturer) decided to resubmit to the FDA, rather than protest the first ruling. They will resubmit in the next few months.

The drug is currently available in the EU, England, Mexico, & Australia. To my knowledge the last two are not infusing yet & Canada just started. I don't know of a site taking US patients yet but I am sure someone does.

Take care!

  1. I am super curious about this treatment, I live about 4 hours from Dresden Germany. I am an American stationed over here with my husband and 2 kids.

    1. I am happy to help anyway I can. The FDA is set to rule later this month on approval in the states.

      I would recommend you read the blog ( and then contact me through the blog (send me a comment or message) and I will be happy to answer anything else. This is a safer way so we don't have to post our emails on an open forum like this.

      Best wishes!

      1. I just seen that it was approved a few days ago in America 😀

        1. Yep- You can see the press release here:

          It should be available immediately. I am talking with Genzyme later this week and will have more news.

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