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Lemtrada vs. Ocrevus?

Hi all! First time post here. I was diagnosed earlier this year and my first medication, Gilenya, unfortunately is not working. My doctor is suggesting either Ocrevus or Lemtrada. I am at a loss of which to choose as I have not even been diagnosed for a year and this was not what I was hoping for. I am looking for any insight from those who have experience with either. Thank you!

  1. Hi ! Thanks for your question. I hear you, and I understand all of this must feel so confusing, frustrating, and disappointing. I commend you for reaching out online for support and help.

    I thought I'd share these articles with you about some of our advocates' experiences with Ocrevus and Lemtrada: ; ; and

    I hope these are helpful. It’s important to note that treatments can work differently for different people, so I'm so glad to hear you and your doctor are working together on your treatment-related decisions. We hope you get all the information you’re looking for and please feel free to reach out anytime!

    Best, Shelby, Team Member

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