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Can lesions of the brain and spine be dated?

For example, if they began in childhood or adulthood?

  1. Hi ,

    I did some research and that is sure a difficult answer to pin down. According to the MS Trust it's possible to identify lesions more than three months old, but it doesn't provide much more detailed information than that.

    I know it doesn't answer the spirit of your question, but I hope it helps in some small way. Thanks for being here! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Hello, DonnaFA Thank You for answering my question, & even though, neurologist can't time date&if the lesions possibly appeared in childhood, at least we who didn't know, may be satisfied and knowing that they can tell the difference between new ones and the that are more than three months old☺. Thanks, Again! DonnaFA

      1. So glad that it helped, ! - Have an awesome (hopefully) sunny day waiting for early spring 😀 -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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