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Necessary lifestyle changes??

I'm recently diagnosed and about to start treatment. My husband has jumped into overdrive and wants to put me and our family in a bubble. We have been taking COVID very seriously but my diagnosis has really amplified this. Our daughter's soccer team recently resumed practices and games and he wants to pull her off of the team as he feels she will be more at risk of contracting COVID through a close contact sport and thus could pass it on to me (not to mention potentially having long term affects to her own health).

How are people handling situations such as these?

  1. Hi . Is your husband at risk as well? If not, you are the greatest stakeholder in this. He has legitimate concerns, but so do you and your daughter. What has your doctor said about the risks to you? The best you can do in situations like this is to educate yourselves. Get lots of information from credible sources, and then assess the benefits to your daughter verses the risks to the entire family. Here is an article from our editorial team about Covid that might interest you: I hope you get other responses from the community and that you reach a decision that inspires confidence in everyone in your family. Hugs! - Lori (Team Member)

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