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“Normal” brain MRI, while checking every box?

I’m on a journey to find out what’s happening with my body.

I have had blood work done and I am awaiting results to rule out vitamin deficiencies, Lupus, Lyme. My MRI (brain, no cervical spine or spinal cord) just came back with “Normal” on it— read by radiologist, but not by a neurologist yet (it was my ENT that ordered the scan after 9 months of questionable neurological symptoms, and I can’t get in to the neurologist for another two months; I received the report results in my patient portal).

I’ve had symptoms for 15 years, roughly, off and on (they occur a few times every year then go away) and like my post title says I check every box for MS symptoms (including a separate psychiatric diagnosis that I had no idea was a comorbidity for many people with MS, and I was like “oh, that fits, too”).

I have read that it tends to be highly uncommon for MS to be present with a normal brain MRI. I was wondering if anyone here has experience like this? Naturally I do not want another diagnosis, however I have read about the “mimics” and I don’t seem to line up with them, or Lupus or Lyme- and it’s as though MS symptoms descriptions would be written by me, about what my body and mind go through.

Any thoughts on a “normal” brain MRI appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Hi . Though I am sure you don't want an MS diagnosis, you must be beyond frustrated to have no answers. I hope you get some responses from the community. It is always possible that you have lesions that are too small to see on an MRI right now and that you will be diagnosed with MS in the future. I really hope you get answers and relief soon. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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