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In limbo stage... What questions should I ask my neuro?

Hello to all! I am so glad I found this site because I feel so lost right now, as I know all have. 47 yr old female; numbness in right arm/hand; extreme fatigue for years; vertigo; walking gait issues; brain fog.

Feeling like I'm going to drop

Struggling at my 40 hr week job, demoted this week due to errors/performance (this is a 1st for me). As the week goes on I literally feel like I'm going to drop. EMG done this week... normal. Neuro said it points more to a central nervous system problem? Vit B at 474 pg/mL Neuro said this is normal (her range is 211 -950)

Confused and scared

MRI scheduled in 6 days. Afraid of results or lack of results, as this is not "in my head" it is real. So confused and scared, as I am the breadwinner in my household since my husband had to retire 6 yrs ago due to chronic health issues.

What advice does anyone have about questions I need to ask and discuss w/my neuro? This is all very new to me.

Thank you for listening. Much love,

  1. Hi , I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. Hopefully the MRI will shed some light on your issues. Having been there myself, I know how scary the whole process is. Not knowing is a terrible feeling, so much so, that a diagnosis always seems like a relief. It's important you feel comfortable with your doctor, you should feel free to ask him or her anything that comes to mind. Why are we doing this test? What do these result mean? No question is stupid. Also remember that you are in control, if you aren't satisfied with the answers you get or the way you are treated, you can go to another doctor, you are still in control of this, no matter what it may seem like. If you don't get a diagnosis, then you try something else, even a new doctor. Eventually you will figure it out.

    When you do get a diagnosis, then you get some peace of mind and you'll be able to start fighting whatever it is. If it's MS, we have treatments that didn't exist just a few years ago. While it's never a good time to get MS, this is still the best time it's ever been. There have been tremendous advances in recent years.

    No matter the outcome, we are all here pulling for you!

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