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I fine myself wanting a companion someone who would care and love you for yourself not judge you by what you look like and what you can and can not do. Men I've spoken to ask questions as to you still work, or do you have some on caring for you. Oh yes the most important question of all are you able to have srxcome on is take all in a relationship.

  1. Hi berthanna! I know many of our members can relate to what you shared. It's hard enough to find a special companion. Adding a chronic condition can make the search that much harder! I thought you could relate to this piece from one of our contributors about dating -- And one of our contributors, Kim Dolce, has written quite a bit about her dating experiences. She has a very honest approach to her writing that you might enjoy -- So, you are not the only one in this community longing for connection and companionship. Thanks for sharing here and I wish you the best of luck as you continue trying to find that special someone. And please know you are welcome here 24/7 if you need to talk, vent, or get some support. Have a good night! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Participant
      Believe it of not I was suffering the same feeling.
      I was diagnosed in 2005 and pressure of school and uni made me run to virtual world met a guy we liked each other he was scottish i was saudi
      We met for quite sometime lime over a yr i oluntesred and studied there too he never minded my MS.

      But now we are separated due to cultural barrier
      Hope you meet someone soon mate be patient thats what i told my ex and it happened
      And we are all hear for you
      Im new here my english is bad excuse me 😛

      1. I've always liked a song called nutshell for alice in chains its depressing kind of but was related to how I was feeling in the past.

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