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Symptoms of MS

good evening everybody. I am going through some issues right now and I honestly think it’s a MS. I’ve had a bloated stomach with really bad pains and I’ve been going to that gastrologist and they found nothing. No, I have severe pain in my neck and it hurts to swallow. Also have spasms in my back all the time now also the other night it felt like someone was squeezing the life out of me. This is sound like a mess in anyone?

  1. Hi, ! Have you received a diagnosis of MS and are wondering if your gastrointestinal issues are related to MS? Or, are you thinking the symptoms you are experiencing might be MS but don't have a diagnosis?

    Sorry. I just want to make sure I answer your question correctly. To touch on what you shared; MS can definitely cause gastrointestinal issues and back and neck pain could be related to MS (or a number of other conditions).

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I have no been diagnosed yet. I just was having bad gastrointestinal issue. A week later I am severe pain in my spine. I can’t move my neck up and down it send electrical shock down my spine. The past few nights I have been having spasm in my back. The one night it felt like someone was squeeze the life out of me. Thank you for your help

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