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Looking for a good Ms specialist in NC

We live in a rural mountain area with no Ms specialists. Need to find one in the state!

  1. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be trying to find someone that is a reasonable amount of time to get to. I wanted to leave this in hopes to aid with your search. It's the National MS Society's doctor locator. They also have resources for travel relief/help if you need any to get to a specialist. Please keep us posted on how this all goes Ccheeky. Hopefully you'll be able to find one that can also do telehealth to help relieve some of the travel. 🧡 Kayleigh, team

    1. Thank you Kayleigh, I appreciate your response. We would like to find someone who has a specialist that they love and trust, and who is also accessible, as in not a long drive! Perhaps someone willing to do tele health. Again thank you for your suggestions!

      1. Of course! I meant it too, please keep us posted on how the search goes. Hopefully others see your post and can chime in with their experiences of finding specialists while living in more remote areas. Warmly, Kayleigh, team

    2. Hello I live in NC and I am going to be very honest with u, I have been so frustrated at the doctors I have seen here in NC ! I don't feel like they are listening to me ! My body reacts so strange to meds and I have had violent reactions that I am terrified of the MS drugs ! If I am afraid of them then the docs don't have time for me ! Also I have read that the MRI needs to show the gray matter more so than the white matter for a true progression of the Dx and they just look at me like I am crazy ! I try to keep up with my health care so I can stay up and going but when I endure this and I walk out of the office I feel like I am on bottom of the ocean floor ! So o have agreement with my family doc that I see him every 3 months , he knows me very well and I know my body and if any changes I get in touch with him immediately & I don't feel like I am dismissed when I tell him something ! He is caring , compassionate , and most of all he listens to what I have to say and never ever makes me feel disrespected or like I am just shooting out in left field when I tell him something ! Being an MS specialist doesn't mean that is the best care specialist for someone ! That is my take on this ! I have had horrible experiences with MS specialists !!

      1. I'm sorry that you have had such a hard time with the symptoms and finding the right DIC. I live in Laurinburg and I have to drive to Raleigh. I go to Raleigh Neurology and see Dr. Scagnelli and his PA and Nurse practitioner, Henry Lay, They are great, I did see Dr. Amiri 1st but he is terrible and does not listen to you at all. Good luck to you, big hugs!!

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