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Looking for a neurologist/MS Specialist

I'm trying to find a good neurologist and/or MS specialists in the Dallas or Tyler, TX areas. I had a great physician, but he left his practice in order to return to a research capacity. I've gone to a couple of other neurologists since then and don't feel that they listen or understand the challenges of living with MS. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  1. Hi Sherri,

    We're sorry to hear about your experiences with the new neurologists. Cathy recently wrote a fantastic blog that includes some helpful resources on finding the right doctor:

    Hope this helps and please keep us posted on your search

    1. Sherri, I feel with you the frustration of finding an MS Specialist. I feel the same, my current neurologist does not specialize in MS. I like him and actually chose him over a doc who does specialize. The doctor who specialized In MS was very aloof and passed me to a doctor assistant who was surly, rude and uncaring. She immediately gave me the impression that I was a bother. When I asked her questions about some MS symptoms she sighed and said, ask a urologist, or any other doctor she could pass me off too. I knew this wouldn't work for me.

      I chose another neuro who was in the same group. We don't have a lot of neurologists here and particularly not in my town.

      Keep looking for a neuro that you feel comfy with. I think I'll be doing the same. My neuro is 'okay' but seems set on treating every symptom chemically. I never have had PT, or any other treatments aside from being medicated for everything. Medications bring their own challenges and I have the misfortune of being ultra sensitive to them, which mostly brings looks of skepticism and raised eyebrows.

      Good Luck; keep everyone posted.


      1. Diane, Thanks for your encouraging words. The neuro I'm with now is also 'okay', but he does not specialize in MS. I feel like I only have his attention for the first five minutes of the appointment. In that time he makes his decision on what meds he's going to give me & doesn't really listen to anything else I say. He then goes into this long medical terminology filled explanation of why this new med is going to solve the problems. With my cognitive problems, it's sometimes hard enough for me to follow simple things, let alone that. Once he's done dazzling me with his brilliance, he leaves the room as quickly as he can.

        I also live in an area that has very few neurologist. I have to drive over an hour into Dallas or Tyler. I shouldn't complain; I am so much better off than many others. Sometimes the frustration just gets the better of me!

        I wish you luck in your continued search. I know there are good neuros out there - we just have to find them!

        Take care,

        1. Sherri, Looks like our experience with neuros is pretty much the same. Okay to complain anytime; you aren't really complaining, you are just stating how it is. Sure, others have it worse, but that doesn't mean our problems are not important too. Actually these neuros are our lifeline and we deserve more time. Docs in general have little time to give and sadly with the new healthcare act, it will probably get worse.


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