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Has anyone experience a loss of emotional being?

Within 3 years of my RRMS I started to notice...I didn't care about myself...then my husband and finally my kids....I intellectually love them but not in my heart anymore....horrible stuff..been prescribed some anti-depressants and well they just made me nuts...Hope someone out there understands my experience and knows of what can help...this is worse than the worst of my physical symptoms. Thanks Lisa

  1. Hi Lisa22-
    Thank you so much sharing with us and our community. Please know you're not alone, and we are always here for you!
    Here are a few helpful topics that you may enjoy reading on our site;

    I truly hope that these are not overwhelming. Please always know we're here for you! Talking to people, whether it be a counselor, a friend, or even a stranger at a local support group (, can be such a helpful tool.

    Thinking of you, and hoping you find the support you need.
    Meagan, Team Member

    1. Thank you for the resources...Unfortunately none of them discuss my exact problem.

    2. Sorry just saw your nice message Sandy. Knew it was rare...sad to hear you have it too. It sucks.

  2. I experience this as well.
    I've spoken to a therapist and my ms support group about it and they all come to to same conclusion; It 's depression. Personally I think it's something bigger. I've experienced depression before and this is worse. I'm currently on an anti-depressant and I feel that it helps, but my feels and emotions are still so blunted.

    1. It's somewhere in our brain...that has been attacked mysteriously by MS..I guess most therapists would classify it as depression...but noone knows what to do.

    2. Sorry am responding so late. Depressions is a big word and doesnt actually describe this problem. Anti-depressants dont work well for a non-depressed person.

  3. Thank you LIsa for pointing out something that I have dealt with and still do, all my life. I've struggled with mental issues, especially emotional breakdowns since an extremely young age. Many therapies and antidepressants later now my MS diagnosis. I disagree with therapists. It's the MS that destroys our emotions and how we process thoughts/feelings. I thought I was the only one with this different problem. People would think that I'm cold hearted. Who will understand? It makes a lot sense to me now. Thanks! You are not alone.

    1. Sorry for the late reply...Am glad I am not alone..But I wish you didn't have it too.

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