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Loss of Emotions


I haven’t been able to find this as a potential symptom of MS except as it relates to depression. But I am NOT depressed, I am content and happy in general. But I do not feel much. I have a very stunted ability to feel anger, pain, fear, excitement, love, hurt, desire, etc. No strong emotions anymore. Anything I may feel is very minimal. I’m emotionally flat. Can that be a symptom of MS? Anyone else out there essentially emotionless like me? It’s seriously impacting my marriage.

  1. I also have had difficulty with feeling emotionally flat. It can come and go but it does perplex me when it happens. However, other times I can be overly emotional and that is just as jarring/annoying. If you are seeing an MS specialist, they might be helpful in explaining what is going on with your symptoms. After dealing with MS for over 40 years, I try to be patient with myself and others but it isn't always easy. Hope this was helpful. (I don't feel like I am having depression either and I wonder if it's my body's way of dealing with emotions to keep my on an even keel?)

    1. I just discussed this issue with my doctor. They didn’t offer much of an explanation, just that perhaps feeling flat is better than being anxious. I am not depressed, just not feeling much if anything, not sad, not mad, not hurt, not happy. Content might be close, but doesn’t adequately address the feeling of blah. I suffered from terrible anxiety for years. The lack of it is kind of scary if you understand what I mean.

      1. do you recall where you read the article?

      2. The article starts on page 44 of this publication:

    2. I really hope you are able to find some answers! This time of year is always overwhelming and my emotions are everywhere. I think adding to it all that has been 2020 just intensifies it.

      1. I'm sorry! Hugs!

      2. - thank you.

    3. This is a great question, thank you for bringing it up. My sister has MS and I will ask her. I hope you get the answers you need and I'm sorry to hear that it is impacting your marriage. Huge hugs!

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