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lost health insurance

I have recently lost my health insurance I have not been to nuerologist and 6 months I was dx 2yrs ago I have been having flare ups I think and need to go to the nuero but I cant afford it I was on copoxane but haven't done the injections in 9months what to do

  1. Just curious, was your healthcare from your employer? Is this due to the new healthcare plan?

    Have you gone to the Copaxone site to see if they offer help? Have you called your neuro to let him/her know what has happened.

    Perhaps, if the new healthcare plan ever works you will qualify for a policy and depending on income even have assistance.

    I don't have much faith in that but for folks like you I hope there is an answer.


    1. I recently lost my Medicaid. The state put under a family planning policy. I am 49 years old. I have had a hysterectomy. I have no need for family planning. I have MS, COPD, and other medical issues. This family planning policy will not cover any of my medications (and there are a lot of them.) I am currently trying to get my disability. My hearing is set for later this month. But there are no guarantees. I have no income and my prescriptions are not cheap. Does anyone know of any kind of assistance out there? I take Tecfidera and Ampyra amount others. I cannot afford to pay out of pocket. Thanks for any advice or suggestions. Larissa Ferguson.

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