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Marijuana For Your MS Symptoms. What Are Your Thoughts And Experiences?

While it may still seem taboo to some, more and more people who suffer from MS are having their symptoms alleviated by the use of marijuana. I wrote about this, many ages ago, when it was prescribed to me ( but it’s definitely time to bring it up again. Times have changed and it is more easily obtainable for some (even recreationally in some states) than it used to be (though we have a very long way to go there). I have found that it can be helpful for several of my symptoms. In particular, my spasms and pain seem to benefit from the use of marijuana and while it doesn’t eliminate those issues for me, it lessens them and makes them more bearable.

Have you used marijuana to combat your MS symptoms? If so, let’s hear about it (and feel free to mention the ways you use it and even what strains you use as those can greatly impact your results)! Any other thoughts on the subject are welcome as well!

  1. I live in TN. and as of now, it is not legal. I know of course I could buy off of so many people but Im scared to do that. There is not one person that I trust to get it from. I am a 56 yr. old female and I have not done it since I was a teenager. I wish they would legalize , its stupid because people are doing it anyway. Make it so it is safe for the ones who need it. I have ppms

    1. Try Nashville. Not all taco trucks sell tacos... Hidden in plain sight

    2. there are dispensaries in Knoxville and Nashville, Tn. So in order to have those things may have come along to being legal. Also…. Even if they are NOT legal, YOU CAN buy here, I personally go to a dispensary across a state line because my state is not legal. I talk to only one of the ladies there she as well suffers from MS. she brings me chewies that help me “chill” at night to sleep and she brings me stuff so I can manage my chores during the day. I go once every 3-6 months because I’m scared to go too and I don’t use it much. It really does help. I hope this helps encourage you to go. I Google searched dispensaries in Tennessee since you said you were from there. 😊

  2. Hello Devin. I am told marijuana is great for MS. I did ask my neurologist about it and we discussed it in length. He left the choice to me. Marijuana is illegal in the state of Georgia unless medically necessary. Anything else carries a criminal offense. It’s easy to obtain but since I’m still a nurse I chose not to go that way for I am still licensed and do remote work periodically. They should legalize in every state for there is documentation and clinical trials that prove it has uses in many disease processes.

    1. Hi there, I live in Michigan too! I take hemp-derived delta-8 THC gummies, being an ex-smoker myself. i find that delta-8 is as potent as marijuana THC, and legal in all 50 states, being hemp. I take it for chronic insomnia, and I've noticed that it helps with pain and spasticity at certain dosages. However, I have to regularly increase the dose to maintain the same effect. That means I start at half a gummy and work up to 9! But I then wean myself off until I'm at zero and become delta-8 naive again. Then it's a half gummy, rinse and repeat. Ugh!

      What's more, for me it has lingering effects through the whole next day. It makes me dizzier and more off-balance than usual, more forgetful, stupider, and I frequently lose my place in a conversation, especially while I'm talking.

      My solution isn's ideal, but it's all I have until I can connect with a new sleep medicine doc.

      For those of you who live in states where marijuana is illegal, consider hemp-derived products. Hemp has always been legal, so they can go through the post office as well as any other carrier, from anywhere in the US.

      Hope this helps! And thank you so much for sharing your experiences here 😀

      Cheers, Kim, moderator

    2. try some gummies honey. I come from Ohio to get them. They do really help. I have a lady I go see at one of the dispensaries across the state line and she as well suffers from MS. She is great. I told her what I was being tested for, the symptoms I have and she was not just trying to “sell” me things to run up my bill. She sold me things in smaller quantities but it is good stuff. Again, I don’t use it daily or even every other day. I cut it down and go every 3-6 months. You don’t have to inhale anymore 🤪 you can just chew it up now.

  3. Yes and it's incredible, much better than anything I have tried. Thank you for your article and bringing this up.

    1. Thank you !

    2. that's wonderful that you've had such a positive experience with it. Thanks for sharing! - Alene, moderator

  4. It helps me somewhat, but like muscle relaxers,to have decent pain relief, it takes an amount that makes me really stupid.

    1. I recently got some homemade gummies. Had one last night. Probably the mix with the muscle relaxers and a few beers, but I totally passed out, even after having a fatigue drug provigil. So I'm fixing to try again

    2. I've been there ! Edibles can definitely sneak up on you, but once you figure them out, they can be such a great method for taking it in!

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