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Heat and MS Symptoms

Which one of your MS symptoms seems to be the most impacted by heat or humidity?

How does it impact you? Does it make your other symptoms flare? How do you manage it?

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  1. I have an answer which may be different from yours, hot weather gives me anxiety, making me aware time has passed without a way for me to improve my situation.

    1. do you also get existential dread thinking it's only to get hotter in the future? I no longer believe moving to Yellowknife, NWT, is a viable solution. In solidarity, Therry, a Team Member

    2. Oh absolutely yes,

  2. Does turtle mean anything to anyone? Yup that's me. Everything is sllloooowwww motion and I'm tired as hell. I feel like a sloths that needs sleep for a month. Legs feel like rubber bands sometimes.

    1. ,
      I can so relate...and love the idea of an audio version!
      In the meantime, I wish you all the best as you find the strength to "tackle it". Doreen (Team Member)

    2. same

  3. The heat makes me feel sluggish - my arm & legs feel heavy, making it difficult to do things outside.

    1. my son offered mt to live near him but he's in Texas. it's been over a hundred for at least a week!

    2. that helps me understand why i was so "rubbery this morning. thanks!

  4. Living in Texas with MS is a struggle. I'm limited to outdoor activities, which often leaves me feeling excluded. When I get overheated my entire body feels like a wet noodle, my speech gets slurred & my thought process is out to lunch.

    1. ,
      Wouldn't that be great?
      Thanks for joining the conversation and stay cool out there in Texas. ~Doreen (Team Member)

    2. Southeast Missouri is so humid, the combination of the heat index makes it unbearable!!! Huggs!

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