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Medical history: opinion please?

Hi! Thank you so much for accepting my request. I wonder if there is someone who could please answer some questions I have and tell me if I am being silly?

History: 16-18 began getting weak and dizzy and fainting regularly. I had trouble thinking clearly.
18: I started having pains in my face and strange migraines that put white zigzags in my visions (said it was epilepsy)
19: started having bladder pain (diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis) - went into remission at 21.
22 - period of weakness. suspected celiac but apparently that too disappeared.
24 - started fainting and weak and dizzy several times a day. I would get almost drunk and wouldn't be able to think. Eventually diagnosed with low blood pressure but docs couldn't figure it out.
29 - pregnant not strong enough to stand at all, foggy headed. muscle weakness, abnormal reflexes and widespread pain and exhaustion. Told me they were fairly sure it was MS. I had an MRI which was clear and am now back to being kinda treated for fibromyalgia and just living my life by the grace of God. This week I'm back to barely being able to feel my hands and feet. They are numb and tingly at the bottom and then achy as they work there way up and the weight of my own body hurts.

I'm told by friends that one MRI can't rule it out. I don't feel like just fibromyalgia could do this to me and I want my life back so badly. 🙁 Any advise or just tell me I'm being paranoid and the doctors are right? Part of me just wishes I had a diagnosis just so I could understand why this happens to me.

Thank you again for your time (sorry)

  1. I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble. It is very hard to diagnose MS and a lot of us have gone years with being misdiagnosed before actually being told we have MS. Please see another neurologist, who will most likely send you for another MRI.

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