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Medical Marijuana

I have heard, saw on TV, read in books, but I know zip about marijuana. I am 73 with MS since at least junior year in high school. marijuana wasn't prevalent back in those days and not really that available to us not particularly interested. Now hearing it is helpful for people with chronic pain issues, changes in personalities, depression, etc., I am wondering how to try it. I take three scripts, one for insomnia (which I have had since childhood), one for pain (Celebrex), and one for bladder control (Mirabegron). Any suggestions from users that may be helpful to make my own decision. I live in Canada, and it's not like doctors recommend it, even though it is totally legally here in Canada. I know scripts back in the day had stuff in them that is no longer legally available today. So point me in the right direction so I can learn as much as possible.

  1. Hi Judy! I hope you get lots of responses from the community. While you are waiting, here is an article from Devin that might interest you: I hope it helps! Best wishes, as always! 😀 Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thanks, will check it out for sure.

  2. I did read the article and am taking it to my doctor next time I go. Thanks j

    1. Great, Judy! I hope your doctor has some good advice and that it helps. Enjoy the day! - Lori (Team Member)

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