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Does anyone have really bad migraines and then get really overheated?

  1. Hi ! Your migraines sound painful and frustrating. I do not have experience with migraines, but I wanted to share this article from our editorial team with you while you wait for responses from other community members:
    As you can see from the article, migraines are not uncommon for people with MS, but neurologists often forget to ask about them or treat them. Please talk to your doctor about your migraines if you haven't already. They can be debilitating and you deserve treatment.
    Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi 😀
      Yes I suffer from migraines and have suffered for as long as I can remember. My migraines will leave me bed bound and needing a really dark room. They are honestly the worst!
      With my MS, heat is my enemy and it also seems to make my migraines worse too. With your migraines do you get any warning signs that you are going to get one? For example I will get squiggly lines/lightening bolts I call them, about 30mins before a migraine will hit and I know to start taking my medication to try and abort the migraine.
      Also certain things in your diet can also be an indicator but I have never narrowed anything down in that aspect.

      1. thank you for the response yea I experience the same thing and my temperament is never regular and never stable and Im just worried that I’m going into another relapse because they have been really bad for two weeks but thank you so much

    2. Ninaliddell002, yes. All day long, when its not one its the other, as soon as my migraine calms down a lil im extremley over heated to the point where i feel like im burning. As soon as i get to calm down its back to the migraine.. Ive also noticed that I cant sleep, Im always waking up covered in sweat feeling like im burning up, ANd i sleep with 2 fans on and the AC on full blast.
      Feeling your body over heated to me is worse then the migrains, I have tryed everything to cool down,, I chew a lot of ice and it sorta helps, I also put a wet face towels in the freezer, but that doesnt always help..

      1. I’ve had the same experience but my migraine never goes away unless I take something but I’m mostly hot all the time and when I cool down I get extremely cold and no matter what I’m always craving something cold but yea I sleep with a fan and with the ac on and I still wake up around 2 or 3 o’clock because I’m sweaty and uncomfortable.
        I thank you for letting me know what you have been going through

        1. yes omg word for word, same thing.. migraine doesnt ever really go away its always there, but its not so bad that you dont focus on it. I am constently hot and when im not freezing cold.. The worst part is when your both hot and cold at the same time. And i get so tired, because its constently everyday.

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