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Advice for mood swings

Hello all my name is bobby im 42 and i love a wonderful person who is 27 and was diagnosed with M.S. 3 years ago. 2019 was a very rough year for us in alot of ways. So the question im asking is for advice or any resources any can offer to help us. Ok.... So it seems recently meg has had severe mood swings going from patient and loving to hateful, selfish, and just very cold and almost spiteful. This was never who she was before we've been together for 5 years and have 2 beautiful little girls together. People!! I need help i dont know how to act or feel let alone how to respond to her changes. Sometimes i engage her and im mean back other times ive been patient and compassionate. Im so worried i feel like we're growing apart and the relationship is close to an end. I want to spend the rest of my life with her but i feel so hopeless. We barely get by and all the meds we can afford is lyrica and zoloft. I'm open to any advice or suggestions. How can i get her help? What can i do? I refuse to let this disease beat us in more then one way... Please help

  1. What a wonderful and caring partner you are to reach out for help! Sounds as if Meg might be suffering as so many of us do with mood problems that might be caused by several different things.

    Have you mentioned her mood changes to her doctor? Sometimes drugs can cause unintended mood changes. She might need either a change in dosage or a different medication. Or it's possible that the lesions in her brain are directly causing those behaviors. Again, and if you haven't already, alerting her medical team can be an important step towards getting her some help.

    If you are struggling to pay for medications there are resources for copay assistance. Drug companies offer assistance based on income if you carry commercial insurance, and charity organizations provide similar assistance if you have government insurance (Medicare/Medicaid).

    If you have any additional questions please ask, we'll try our best to help you! Thinking of you, Kim, moderator

    1. Thank you so much!!! shes only had 1 mri and we don't have any health insurance to speak of. So my first goal is find a way to pay for the mri. So we can see if there has been any progressions in the past 3 years. We worry there was significant progressions . We are going to see a doctor. And voice our concerns.
      Again i can't thank you enough for the response. Have a beautiful day

      1. Hi Bobby, about paying for the MRI: Have you checked with the hospital to see if they have a financial assistance program? If they do it's worth pulling together the paperwork. Low-income patients can have the entire bill written off to bad debt. I've had this done many times over the years.

        Please keep us updated, won't you? Best, Kim, moderator

    2. Hi Bobby,
      I just wanted to add that if your hospital does not have a means to help, you can apply for the MRI Access Fund. I echo Kim's sentiment, you are truly a wonderful, caring partner! Thanks for being here and for reaching out. Let us know how things go. =Warmly, Donna ( team)

      1. I want to start by saying thank you to all of you for the help and the concerns. As im sure u all know it can be very daunting and overwhelming in this. And that's just my perspective. I can't even to begin to comprehend what's Megan's feeling thru all this. But i do know thats she is an incredible mother to our 1 and 3 year old daughters. And to mention the wonderful person she is. I'm so lucky to have her. Ok so i did look into the time grants through the MS Foundation to try to get the MRI covered. But regarding the hospital who do i can contact? I'm assuming billing? Again thank you to all i can't explain enough how thankful we are for some answers.

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