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MRI results not definite for MS

I have been experiencing some pretty scary symptoms that are really affecting my life including: Dizzy lightheaded feeling when driving


Weakness in arms and hands (mainly left side)

Burning/ numbness in mid to upper back and neck

Unable to sleep well

Dull lingering headache

Sharp headaches on occasion

When exerting energy, feel like a light is shining in my left eye

Head builds with pressure

Occasions of hot red burning hands

Sharp tight pain in upper and lower abdomen ( feels like contractions) can pin point 3 occasions nov 1st, dec 24th, feb 25th, all lasting for over half a day)

Not being able to handle alcohol anymore( 1 glass of wine feels like a bottle )

Popping sensation in left side of neck followed by heat rush in my head and a bad headache/ dizziness ( 2 occurrences 1 April 26th, one May 8th)

Numbness in left toes:foot while working out as well as weak left side

Numbness on left fingers while holding steering wheel (occasionally)

Drooping in left eye when I wake up as well as when I have a drink or am overly tired.

I went for an MRI on May 9th and got a result that stated there were a few small areas of increased signal intensity in the white matter of the frontal lobes bilaterally. Predominately peripheral and subcritical in distribution.

I am mainly writing because I am so frustrated with how long it is taking to figure out what is going on. These symptoms are making it really hard to work as I am not able to drive... which is a huge part of my
Job. I have a specialist appt... that isn’t until September! I feel like my doctors are just writing me off at this point. What should I do... also I haven’t seen or been referred to a neurologist... only an ENT. Thanks

  1. Can anyone offer support or suggestions

    1. Hi @mkcanada,

      I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many different symptoms without an easy and quick answers. It sounds promising that you have already had an MRI which will help get closer to a diagnosis. I know that the process can take time. Having a baseline MRI is important because if you have another one later, they can compare and look for changes. This would help in making a diagnosis.

      September does sound like a long time to wait. But if you do experience any different or new symptoms, you should contact your doctors before then. And, if I were you, I'd be interested in consulting with a neurologist who could explain the significance of what was seen on your MRI scans. But please know that it can be common to see small lesions develop as people age. This is just one of the reasons that diagnosis can be difficult.

      I wish you a good summer and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

      Lisa, moderator

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