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MS and the work place: What adjustments have you made?

MS can impact our lives in so many ways, sadly, that often includes our ability to work. In my case, my symptoms eventually forced me to leave the workplace and end up on disability, however, before that I definitely fought back against my symptoms and made adjustments to keep working as long as I could. So, I was wondering, what kind of adjustments did you make (or are currently making) to keep working? How effective has it been? Any tips for anyone else who might be in your line of work?

  1. Hello Devin.
    Since my diagnosis 5 months ago, I've only been back at work for the past 3. Needed 2 months to recover post hospital stay. I'm a nurse working in aged care, which is a highly demanding job, so to help me get back to work I've cut my shifts from 9 to 6 a fortnight, working day on day off and weekends off. So far it's working. Also making it easier is I'm only working day shifts, no afternoon or night shifts.
    Trying to rest as much as I can on my days off.

    1. I am so glad you were able to return to work, , and that your employer welcomed you back. Sometimes, that can be a battle. I hope your new schedule continues to work for you and that you remain flare-free. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Thanks so much for sharing ! Adjusting your schedule like that is a fantastic way to keep at it!

  2. I realized I never mentioned some of the adjustments that I was forced to make over the years, so here go. Fatigue has been a constant issue for me since I was diagnosed, back when I worked, I would sometimes take a short 20-minute nap at lunchtime to help me get through the day. Like many, I also ended up curbing activities after work because I was too exhausted. I think that ends up being a huge issue for folks with MS, they manage to keep working but at the cost of no longer living well outside of work. I also very much relied more on lists and writing more down as time went on.

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