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MS or Cerebral SVD?

60 years old. Started falling a couple of years ago, just assumed I was clumsy. Last bad fall a few months ago & they ER docs though I had a hairline fracture in my arm. Told to visit my primary care doctor-didn't have one, So I went to a new Primary care doc & told her all my symptoms (Walk like a drunk sometimes, occasional pain in chest/jaw, I have headaches/migraines all the time, have NO energy /always tired, memory problems, have trouble swallowing once-in-a-while, VERY sensitive to heat--hot days just wipe me out, legs feel very weak, especially after sitting a while and then trying to get up and walk). Had a brain tumor (twice) as a child, I'm overweight & have diabetes with peripheral neuropathy. I also have sleep-apnea, gout, gerd, high blood pressure, often have trouble with constipation & diarrhea, and bladder leakage. I keep dropping things. The primary doc had me get an MRI and a nuclear stress test on my heart. The heart stress test came back OK. The MRI showed a couple of white spots and noted cognitive decline--sent to a neurologist. The neurologist looked at my MRI & said my brain a bit small for my age- so more fluid in brain then should be there. Neuro doc asked me some questions and then watched me walk down a hall and back (without my cane). The neurologist then ordered a spinal tap & some kind of mental cognitive test. Maybe she thinks MS but the chest/jaw pain makes me think my problem is Cerebral SVD. Now having trouble with insurance approving further testing. Don't know where to turn

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