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Ms or not?

Hello. I'm Patrick. I would really like for someone to read this and help me to determine whether or not my symptoms relate to multiple sclerosis or not. According to my neurologist I was diagnosed with ms in December of 2019. She only saw my mri that showed lesions on my brain with contrast dye. I was then and still have a partial loss of vision in my left eye and at the time of that mri, I had a constant headache for several months. I was struggling with concentration, memory and focus at the time and still am. I was told today by that same neurologist that my blood work has came back perfect everytime even from the first one and that I wasn't even vitamin d deficient yet I was still told to take 5000 units of d3. I've had no flare up and didnt even knew that would happen until today. My headache is gone but i still get the normal ones from hunger, stress and bein tired but nothing like that several month headache. Anyways I started doin research again today cause before today I accepted the fact that I had ms. But today the seed of doubt was planted and I found that a stroke and several other things colud cause the same symptoms as ms. As I was researching I found that a stroke causes numbness in the face, well several months before my headaches that was accompanied with my vision loss, the right side of my face went numb and not for hours but for awhile, like around a month or so slowly regaining feeling. So as I read more about ms and a stroke I found that dont have many symptoms of ms. The only ones i have is vision loss, had headaches at the time of, lesions of the brain and issues with concentration, memory and focus. Which is all symptoms of a stroke. I dont have any symptoms that is solely for multiple sclerosis. So if anyone reads this and has any advice, questions or comments I'd love to hear from you. I dont know what other testing I can have done to narrow the suspect list down and be confident in what's goin on. Well thank you for takin the time to read this and I hope to head from someone soon. Hope everyone is doing good and had a great day.

  1. Hi Patrickp1186,
    thank you for reaching out here. It sounds like you've had a long road with this!
    Just a question out of curiosity, the neurologist that you saw, does she specialize in m.s.? Or did you ever see a vascular neurologist at all?
    Am including a couple links for you, although with the research you've done, you may already have come across them?

    If you look through all the information that's included in the above link, hopefully something will resonate with you, and at least help in giving you some talking points with your doctor.

    I hope that you can get answers real soon! Please keep us posted....Janus

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