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My issues are…

I have RRMS. These are what I’ve dealt with so far and this is what bothers me today. I’d love to read your list.
Burning skin on whole back…couldn’t sleep. Spacicity and couldn’t get out of bed. Lose eyesight in left eye off and on. Difficulty walking as it feels like I’m walking through waist high mud. Tingling and loss of sensation in fingers and hands ( makes drawing blood more tolerable), foot drop, dragging foot, inability lo lift left leg (but can walk?), fatigue, inability to verbalize a word or the correct words even if it’s on the tip of my tongue, I feel like someone is touching my elbow but no one is there, I feel like there’s a bug running down my leg but there’s not, left side of face and ear tingle and “crawl”, MS hug, my feet feel like are being crushed, back aches, gluten ache, sciatica…. I have learn3d to not take it all so seriously and now find joy in most things…gets me through the day. What’s your list?

  1. Oh and autocorrect seems to mess with me more.

    1. Hello, I'm new to this too. Diagnosed in September 2020. I actually have had symptoms since 2017 but as a 27 year old would, I chalked everything off as fine. Well, twice last year I had episodes where my eye sight was completely distorted, both while driving. Even that i chalked off as whatever and just so happened to be going to the dr for a uti when it happened. I mentioned it and they ordered an mri, not really thinking anything would come from it. It came back highly suggestive of ms and i was dumbfounded. Back in 2017 i had numbness and burning pain from left hip down to my knee. I was told sciatica and let it run its 2 month course. Since then, numbness on right hand, shooting pains from my right ear into my jaw, leg weakness, shock pains that run down my arms into my hands. Memory issues, forgetting/ mixing my words, random burning sensations all over, beyond extreme fatigue, and currently burning tongue. As this seems like a lot i feel like I'm completely functioning and hopeful that it can stay this way.
      Do you ever feel as though others don't truly believe all your symptoms? I try not to talk about it much because i could go on and on about these sensations and i don't want to annoy anyone.

      1. thanks for sharing. It’s nice to put it out there in one big paragraph. I feel a bit lighter now. I forget how awesome we are that we live with this crazy and interesting disease. Keep up the good fight!

      2. hey…thanks for sharing! I’m at the “is it old age or MS” stage. Sometimes I can get a new sensation and it just makes me laugh as I I feel like my MS is just looking for some new way to bug me. Like once it was a was so painful and throbbing. When it is something that I think is unbearable. I just tell myself I won’t have to deal with it for too long and it will go away soon. If it doesn’t then It’s already been buggin me for awhile and that makes it easier to deal with it. I try not to let anything get to me cause I know it could be worse.

    2. , thanks for taking the time to share here! I think this is a great thread to get going, especially since MS can be so unique for each person. It would be interesting to see which issues people share and which ones are really . . . unique. It sounds like you have experienced quite a wide range of MS symptoms. Have you found any tips or tricks that brings you any measure of relief from some of these symptoms?

      I like that you have found a way to cope and protect your mental health because I think emotional health so often gets overlooked in conversations about chronic conditions like MS.

      Thanks again for starting this thread and I will be interested to see what other community members share!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. My name’s Eric, I’m 39 and I was diagnosed with RRMS in January of 2021 after a few years of chasing the cause of my back pain. Looking back at the last few years I guess my first symptoms were the back/neck pain and waking up one morning with double vision. The vision issue I was told “can just happen” and was prescribed glasses which corrected the issue and I thought no more of it and as for the pain my doctors at the time chalked it up to a couple mildly herniated discs and proceeded to order me physical therapy and epidural steroid injections that worked on and off for the last couple years. In that time I thought things were getting better, the pain was better after each injection and then would come back. Last May I woke up one morning and my entire right arm from the shoulder down through my hand was numb and had a constant pins and needles sensation in half my hand. Went in for another MRI, this time of my cervical spine and was told again that it was a couple of mildly herniated discs causing it and was sent back to physical therapy and another few injections. Over the next few months the tingling and numbness went away but the pain was still bothering me. I was scheduled for yet another shot in the beginning of January this year but I started showing signs of having too much cortisone in my system, so my pain doctors sent me to a neurologist for further evaluation. After some testing they thought I may have had a silent stroke because my right side was significantly weaker than my left side, so they ordered and MRI of my brain which showed multiple lesions that made a slam dunk diagnosis. While it was nice to have an answer it was also very jarring seeing as it wasn’t something that I thought could have been a possibility. After receiving the diagnosis and looking back at the last few years my symptoms are fatigue, vision issues, back and neck pain, random tingling sensations in my right hand and left leg, I get the random feeling like a bug is crawling on me almost daily, I fumbling things I’m carrying on occasion, I have issues getting on my feet from a seated or laying position, short term memory issues, weakness in my arms and legs and of course if I get too hot my vision starts narrowing pretty significantly which is a fairly new development.

        It’s been a major shock but at the same time it’s nice to have an answer to what’s been plaguing me for the last few years. I’ve got a great team of doctors and an amazingly supportive family behind me which includes my aunt who has been living with RRMS for many years and she has given me a lot of great insight into different aspects of living with RRMS.

        1. Hi @Ericw2112. That must have all been quite overwhelming. I am glad you have such a great medical team and so much support from your family. That can make all the difference in the world. Sending the best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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