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Mobility Issues

Mobility and neuropathy issues from MS can affect both the arms and legs. What has been your experience with mobility issues? How have you managed them?

  1. numbness in feet and legs and it is hard to stay upright when you have no balance. Also not knowing where things are in space and time.

    1. numbness certainly is such a common symptom with MS. You make such a good point that the numbness can then lead to balance issues. I don't know if you've seen these articles yet but I wanted to share them in hopes that you might find them helpful.

      In the meantime, is there anything that you find either triggers or helps to alleviate the numbness?
      Alene, Moderator

  2. Hi, I can relate to the numbness in feet and legs and not being able to do the activities I want to do. Right now, I am having the bladder issue. It is driving me crazy and I have messed up a few pants.

    1. yes the bladder issues can certainly be frustrating, inconvenient... and at lot of other words too, right? Have you discussed the issue with your doctor? I'm curious if they've explored any treatment options for you. Here's an article about someone who tried botox. You can see there's some conversation in the comments below too.

      Alene, Moderator

    2. -I hate it, but have finally resorted to wearing pads- it's a lot dryer! (But really rather humiliating)

  3. At that time, the doctor suggested options like surgery

    1. For the first three years, I could still walk and hike as many miles as before. I had to be very, very careful about my footing due to the numbness and tendency of my feet to scrape along the ground. Early last June, when the weather was cool, I did a full 7-mile hike that is one of our favorite hikes. Two weeks later, when the weather got warm, I could do only four miles and that was an incredible ordeal. Over the summer, I mostly stayed indoors. When it got cool again, I started hiking again and was back up to five miles. Then in Feb, I sprained my new and had to mostly stay off my feet for 8 weeks. When I started walking again, my legs felt like lead. I am back to 3 miles on our daily walks but it is not easy.

      This is terrifying.

      1. ,
        My goodness, you've certainly had some challenges.
        It's great to hear you are still hiking and up to 3 miles a day.
        How is the knee doing are you still recovering?
        ~Doreen (Team Member)

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