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Need some guidance please

Hello all. My husband was just diagnosed in March and it has been a real struggle. Can somebody please give me some pointers on how to help out. My husband is very independent and doesn't want me being "nosey" and pressuring him on what it going on. I just need a lot of guidance please.

  1. Hi,

    Welcome to One of our writers, Donna Steigleder, is married to a man with MS. She has written many great posts from the point of view of a spouse and caregiver.

    One of the difficult things the person with MS and their loved ones needs to learn is how to communicate effectively. The first year after diagnosis is also often the most challenging as there is much to learn about the disease and how it may affect you personally. I know that I didn't really want to talk much about it at the beginning (more than 10 years ago).

    But best thing my loved ones did was the express that they were there to help me, to support me, and just to listen to me whenever I needed. Knowing that helped me to open up.

    What you can do for yourself is exactly what you're doing. Learn about the disease (knowing that not everything you will read will apply directly to your husband's case). Reach out to others who may know what you are experiencing and give words of advice.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.


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