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Anyone have a neurologist recommendation in Chapel Hill, NC?

My neurologist is retiring. I wonder if anyone had a neurologist in Chapel Hill, NC if possible? I don’t want to go to Duke. I have PPMS and my major problem is cognition. I’m on Ocrevus, 69, don’t drive and I am an artist.

  1. Hopefully this link will help you to find what you're looking for leap4artnc :
    Maybe after finding a doctor or two at least you'll have a couple names you can review?
    It might be worth a try. Please keep us posted....Janus

    1. Hi. I did look there to begin with but it gives just a list with addresses. And the first two was the one retiring from the place I don’t want to go. Lol.

      Instead I typed in UNC and neurology and research and ms. I got several names from there and Duke.

      I wrote the place at Duke which had a blurb for doctors—I’m brazen so I wrote and now my medical stuff is going to them.

      At Duke is Dr Skeen who is excellent. But Raleigh is farther away and I’ve never liked negotiating at Duke during the best of times.

      I’ll let you know what happens.

      1. Thanks so much for this update leap4artnc! It's very much appreciated. Will be hoping for the very best for you.
        Yes, please let me know what happens, my thoughts are with you..Janus

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