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New here

Hi. I am not diagnosed but seeing a neurologist to get an MRI. I am having symptoms such as pain in my eye. More so like when reading and things. Also seeing flashes of lights when I close my eyes. As well as A numbish pressure In the back of my head that sometimes goes up. This is on same side as my eye. Also. Ton of pressure in my eye, again same side. Also hearing clicking zap noisies from inside that ear. Feeling very foggy, just “not right”. Pain in neck and shoulder as well. I do have psoriatic arthritis and am prone to getting uveitis but there was no sign of inflammation to the eye itself and it does feel different. I also have ibs and feel nauseous all the time. Does this seem to be symptoms of MS?.

  1. Hi @Chelccc. I wish you were not enduring so much eye pain, especially since you are already contending with PsA. Your symptoms could be related to MS, but there are also other health conditions that can cause eye pain. It is impossible to know without an MRI. I hope it turns out to be something easily addressed and that you get some relief. Please keep us posted if you feel comfortable doing so. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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