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New member...Old to MS!

Hi! I'm 33, but have had MS since age 17. Recently joined because I've realized I have no real support.
Also I have no other MS friends, and it's always great knowing someone "gets it".

  1. Hello, thanks

    1. Okay, but try to not think about yourself. Try to help another person. And after this, you will get real friends. Work with your fears. And try to dissociate from stress, it pulls you down And move slowly.

      1. Welcome to, nxd280, I'm glad you found our site. We have lots of members in our community who are at various stages in their life with MS. Hopefully, many of the stories shared will give you encouragement, and you will find both support and fellowship.

        We also have a Facebook site for 24/7 conversations if you are into social media! We strive to be there for whatever you may need. Please feel free to reach out and ask if you have a question. Take care. Donna Steigleder, Moderator

        1. Hi ,
          I have felt this way too. It can be very isolating so it great to know that there are others who also experience this as well. Now that you have been part of the forum for a while how are you doing now?

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