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New Omicron Booster

I take Gilenya. Do you recommend getting all vaccines/boosters as they become available?

  1. I also take Gilenya and I am getting my booster in a few days and I always get a flu shot, I've also had a MMR update and a shingles shot. My Doctors recommend staying up to date on all immunizations. You can always contact your doctor on line through MyChart or call and talk to the Nurse if you are not sure.

    1. Hi . Offers some good advice. We are not medical experts, so we cannot make recommendations particular to your situation, but I can say that most neurologists do recommend vaccines as long as they contain no live viruses. That said, you might have other factors at work that lead your doctor to advise differently. So, definitely check with your doctor's office if you are unsure. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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