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New symptom?

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! 😁
It started simple enough with what felt like a pinched nerve with a slight burning sensation in the tricep area of the back side of my left arm. (My MS is RRMS with right side hemiplegia.) I have a burning, prickly sensation that radiates up to my left shoulder and at times down to my wrist plus at times like when I take something out of the freezer...I can feel it up to my shoulder. On top of that my left side feels like when sprayed with water and someone blows on it. It's a cool/burning sensation. I went to my GP and of course she suggested it may be neuropathy (I also had Shingles in the right upper quadrant of my head in Mar/Apr of '13) and I was scheduled with my Neuro in Dec anyway. He said it wasn't neuropathy but my MS and sent me for lab and a new MRI w/contrast. My MRI results show my MS being stable which is good news I guess but I know I can't keep taking 800mg Ibuprofen even twice a day for the pain this causes. Has anyone else had these symptoms and what has your Dr given you to deal with it? I was woken up last night by what feels like someone placing a hot iron to my elbow and then poking it with an ice pick! I had to take my Ibuprofen on an empty stomach at 3am! I am on the MS Paleo diet so I eat well and have had great results with things like fatigue etc. This is just painful and I'd really like to know what it is for real and if there are other things I can do for it!! Thanks in advance! 😀

  1. Hello Candy,

    I'm a little confused about your neuro's statement that it wasn't neuropathy but your MS. Neuropathic pain is caused by our damaged nerves misfiring, which is indeed MS-related. Anti-seizure meds such as gabapentin and Lyrica can relieve neuropathic pain, which is what you are describing. I've had similar symptoms and took Lyrica for a while, which did help me. You might want to ask either your GP or your neuro about these options.


    1. Candy,

      Happy belated new year to you, too! I'm sorry I didn't see your question sooner and I hope you will find this answer, although it is quite late. I am a bit stumped here because you say the Ibuprofen helps with the pain. Neuropathic pain doesn't normally respond to the typical pain drugs of ibuprofen, aspirin or even the heavier narcotic pain killers. Has your neuro tried any of the other pain killers for treatment of this? Remember, neuropathy is different than having neuropathic pain, so don't let that influence the treatment plan.

      These types of pains are usually parasthesia, and can drive us buggy. Mine have come and gone and are mainly gone right now, thanks to being on a disease modifying therapy. You don't mention if you are on a treatment for the MS -if not, you might consider it. We know out disease is continually active and even if you are not finding new activity visible in the white matter via MRI, the deterioration continues in the gray matter of the brain.

      I hope you find something that quiets this - I know it can be difficult to ignore.

      1. Hi Kim and Laura,
        My Dr did call in a script for Gabapentin for Neuropathy (he said I didn't have) and it seems to work well so far. I had never had this symptom before either. My new MRI said my MS is stable and not active!!
        Laura - I'm not on any of the DMDs because in the beginning I had bad reactions to them. Avonex and Copaxone both. My body hates drugs! So I've been just taking care of symptoms as they arise with herbs, vitamins etc. I refuse any of the new drugs because of the side effects. I do use a scooter to get around and I'm OK with that...better than being dead! And the Ibuprofen is 800mg and I only took it till my Dr called with the other. I'm better now as long as I take my Gabapentin but I'm glad it works! It is very hard to ignore!!

        Thanks to both of you for answering my questions!!

        1. I've been on Gabapentin for many years and it seems to help a lot. I have been using a cane to help me walk, but I seem to have gotten worse. I am thinking of getting a rollator to help with the walking. I want to get a three-wheel rollator which will be lighter to carry up stairs, onto buses, and holdi it while I am also holding onto the pole on a crowded subway car. My husband said I should get a four-wheel rollator which are more stable and won't tip over. I don't know how I am supposed to lug a heavy rollator down the stairs, onto bus, and onto crowded subway car. This is going to be a very hard decision for me to make.

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