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New symptom (again)

I was wondering if any of my MS warriors have or had this sensation. Without warning, I'll get this very warm feeling around my head. It feels like warm water being poured under my scalp, but on top the skull. Then I can feel it creep down to my neck. Sometimes I get off balance. I have trouble regulating my core temp (hot all the time), but this is new and not the same. It will only last a couple of minutes and it's gone, til next time. Can anyone tell me if this is a known symptom of MS or am I just lucky?

  1. Odd that you mention hot sensation. I have the same but only it is a cold feeling!

    1. 1966: Well, hot or cold, at least we're not alone! Is yours new? Mine kinda is, few months. But it's coming more often. Did you talk to your MS dr.?

      1. , with the exception of , I haven't come across any other community members experiencing a symptom like the one you mentioned. Of course, when it comes to MS, I've learned that pretty much nothing is off the table! Not to sound like a broken record (and I know you know this), but I would definitely mention this new symptom to your physician, if you haven't done so already. It could very well be yet another 'surprise' from your MS, but it's always smart to make sure it's not something else.

        I do hope this symptom goes away soon and does not return.

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

        1. Thanks Erin and I hope it goes away soon too! LOL It's a very strange sensation. I am going to talk to my dr. about it. Thanks for the advice. 😀

      2. I get this. I have PPMS. I have it more often than you, meaning most of the day. I'm dizzy a lot also. And I also have a problem regulating my temperature, I'm always sweating to death/

        1. I live in a NY and the winter's here get pretty cold. Except, of course, for me. Everyone's running around in 4 layers of clothes and I'm in short sleeve shirts and sweating. I can't even go out in the summer because our humidity is so bad. It gets very depressing sometimes. I used to go to the zoo or theme parks with my daughter and Grandkids. Now my mobility is so bad and the sweating dehydrates me, that I had to quit all those fun trips. It gets very hard to take sometimes.

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