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No Help

I was diagnosed with MS in 2009. Since then I've been to 3 other neurologists. I have lifelong epilepsy but no help at all for MS. No centers close by 3 hours away. Can't drive what can I do? How can I do it? Need assistance for help.

  1. Kellygirl, I know it has been a year since you entered your post but ...
    I was reading posts to see what is going on and came upon yours. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't a post I had written. I, too have MS and life-long epilepsy. I have a neurologist at Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center. I have moved out of that county and cannot get transportation out of the county. I recently had to reschedule an appointment because my primary caretaker is battling cancer and going thru chemo (now over) and 2 more radiation appointments. It will be a while before he is able to drive me because of the effects of radiation and chemo and pain.

    They have opened satellite offices in hospitals now owned by Cleveland Clinic. I have discovered that my case manager - and Jobs and Family Services (formerly welfare) can get rides for me.

    Do you have a case manager? If not, ask your neurologist's office. If I think of anything else, I will post again.

    Good luck!

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