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Can I have MS symptoms but no lesions?

I have lot of symptoms similar to MS. I have done both brain and spine MRI done but could not find any lesion. Still in doubt? Can I have MS without lesions??

  1. This is a great question Debajit, thanks for reaching out here to ask!
    While you're waiting for others to weigh in,
    I can only tell you that so far I have found that it's possible but rare.

    One link I can provide that may be helpful is one from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society that goes through other diseases that can mimic m.s.

    I hope you find this helpful. Just curious..have you talked to a health care provider recently about any symptoms you may be experiencing? It sounds as if possibly you've had an mri (s) to check for lesions?
    Thanks again for the question and please let us know if can provide further resources or information for you. Janus

    1. Its been 9 months since I have the feeling of having MS.I feel numbness in my right leg intermittently.I have consulted with few neurologist but everyone denied the fact that I have MS after looking at the MRI results.
      I had done both brain and spine MRI's and there is no sign of lesions.I am still confused state of mind??

  2. That's good that it's been so long since you've had any sensations of the m.s. but still, it has to be frustrating not knowing exactly what it is.....and to have the numbness in your leg on occasion with no answers.
    Did they give you any other tests besides the MRI on your brain and spine?
    I'm just wondering if they ruled out other things that could mimic or be similar to m.s.?
    I can understand your being confused! The link that was provided before on other conditions to rule out, might be helpful in providing a platform to communicate with your healthcare provider. Let me know if you would like to have it again, and don't be shy about reaching out to your often as it takes to get the answers you need.
    Thanks SO much for keeping us posted! Janus

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