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Numbness ...

Posted yesterday that doctor won’t give results until appointment. My issue is the results are in, noted in the patient portal. Called and explained that I am nervous and would appreciate the results. I was put on hold and after a long time I was told doc said the results are not in. I mentioned that the portal states they are final and assistant told me that’s what she was told to say, she was sorry. So it’s bad news?

The numbness and pain is awful now. Does MS numbness do this, come and go in intensity? It’s been 6 months and getting worse everyday

  1. Hi Hope22,

    I'm sorry that you were not able to quickly get the results from your doctor. Were you able to get that appointment and discuss the results?

    There are some things that doctors may want to discuss in person to be able to answer questions rather than leave it up to the patient to read a report and wonder what some of it means and cause worry.

    Thinking of you. --Lisa, moderator

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