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Numbness on face?


I have dealt with numbness on feet and some on my hands. Lately, starting with my right knee area, and now my right arm, it is more a muted sensation. So not completely numb, but fabrics and touch feel different on my right limbs. Right now, for the second time, it is happening on my face. Even my lips this time, it reminded me of the feeling when novocaine is wearing off, but your lips are still a little numb or thick feeling.

Has this happened to other people? Is this common?

  1. Hi . Have you talked with your doctor about this? Are you noticing a worsening of any other symptoms? I hope you get responses from others in the community who have experienced something similar. Is it possible you are starting a relapse? Relapses present differently in everyone, so it is hard to compare symptoms to someone else or predict whether you are having one, but it might help if you write down your symptoms every day for a while. That way you can measure the change. Here is an article from one of our advocates about relapses that you might find interesting: You will see lots of comments as well that you might want to read. Regardless, I hope your symptoms are short-lived and that you are better soon. Keep us posted if you feel comfortable doing so. Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I experience numbness that waxes and wanes, too. Lately it resolves quickly and I don't report it to my doctor. But in the early stages of my disease it would appear as a first sign of an MS relapse and pretty much stick around permanently. Over the years some of it has lessened and all but disappeared. But that's my journey. For you I would say that if it lasts more than 48 hours, you might consider contacting your neurologist about it. And if other MS symptoms worsen along with it, that increases the chances that it could be a relapse. Bottom line, contact your MS doctor and report anything new. They can do things to pinpoint the cause and give you the appropriate treatment if needed. I hope you will update us on what you find out. We care! --Kim, moderator

      1. I have not been diagnosed. My symptoms started in my mid twenties with toes that would go numb. That was sporadic but over time got worse and made wearing heels practically impossible. In more recent years I have had blurry vision, was playing badminton with friends and could not hit the birdie when it came at me and I grew up playing sports, including tennis. I had never experienced this before. Then there are the periods of tingling or vibration on my skin, headaches, balance that is no longer strong and for the past year periods of squeezing, intense pressure usually in my chest area, but sometimes lower. And now the numbness or really the muted sensation on my skin, mostly the right side

        Bloodwork in the fall showed my WBC was low so I decided to finally try to figure out what is going on. Had an EEG, EMG and MRI, but have not received the results yet.

        I was told by one doctor it is my depression and anxiety. I know how they those feel and affect my body and this, this is something else.

        Sorry, that was a lot to dump! Thank you for the kind response. 😀

    2. That was one of my first symptoms. My face from my nose down would go numb, and some days I felt like I went to the dentist. It has lessened over time. Mine usually lasts between half an hour to 2 hours.

      1. Thank you for replying. 😀 I have no diagnosis yet, but the numbness or at least muted sensation on my right knee, arm and now face are new things. Plus, I get this squeezing pressure that will happen mostly in my chest, but sometimes lower. I just want an answer. I had blood work in the fall that showed a low WBC, which can or is common in autoimmune diseases, which made me feel like maybe I am not crazy. And all these things that are happening are maybe all tied together.

        But, when you start to list things you have or are experiencing, you sound crazy. Not sure if that is just me or if others have felt the same way.

    3. You are not crazy. Your symptoms are real. It sounds like you're experiencing the MS hug. Have you talked to a neurologist or had an MRI of your brain or spinal cord? The MRI would show if you have any lesions?

      1. I have a follow up tomorrow to hopefully go over my EEG, EMG and MRI. I have looked at the disc, but who knows what I am seeing. I From what I have gleaned online, lesions can be large, but also really small. I am hopeful to get an answer at this point. There has to be a reason. The first neuro I saw tried to say it was all depression and anxiety as soon as he saw that in my history which was really insulting. I know that those things could cause some of the things I mentioned, but that is not what this is. It was dismissive.

      2. Hey ! I wanted to pop by here and see how you were doing and how it went with your follow-up appointment? Were you able to get some answers? Thinking of you, 🧡 Kayleigh, team

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