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I went for my first infusion December 5.. Got up in the middle of the night, and I felt more steady. The next day, I noticed my foot drop was better! I never expected to see results so soon. Diagnosed in 1989, been on Betaseron, Avonex, and Copaxone.. Hopefully, this will be the one!

  1. That's GREAT, pmt75p! I hope this trend continues for you and thank you for sharing! Keep us posted! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. pmt75p,

      I'm so glad to hear about your improvement while taking Ocrevus! I personally had my first dose in June and had my second dose right after Christmas. I too had tried other medications and I feel like this is the best one I've had by far.
      Thank you for sharing your experience!

      Ashley Ringstaff Moderator

      1. Just had first dose 1/16/18. No change yet. I look forward to it though!

        1. Had second dose January 31st. I've notice nothing positive yet. Maybe in 3 months I will notice some changes.

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