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Is anyone currently on Ocrevus?

If so, what’s been your experience?

  1. Hi , as I've not seen anyone mention their experiences yet, I thought I'd chime in. I personally don't take Ocrevus (though I expect to if/when Tysabri is no longer an option for me), but I personally know several people who have been taking it. I'd say everyone I know has had positive experiences so far. The day of the infusion can be long and tiring, but they are spaced out much more than other infusions. As of writing this, they all seem relatively stable as well. One good buddy of mine has even been pretty excited about his treatments. All that said, it's still a very indiviudual experience, everyone can have different experiences and outcomes. It won't be great for everyone (which can be said with every treatment). It's very promising though and, in my own opinion, certainly worth giving a try.

    1. Thanks for your response ! It’s nice to hear that others have had positive experiences taking Ocrevus. I recently switched from Gilenya to Ocrevus. So far so good. Hoping it stays that way!

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