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paresthesia in hot water

I have read a lot about paresthesia but nothing specifically about direct heat causing symptoms. I have been experiencing a tingling or numbness and delayed sensation when i put my hands in hot water - like when I wash up. The feeling lasts for 5-10 seconds after the heat is removed - about as long as it takes to restore normal body heat. I also have numbness in my arms and hands, and also in my face around my mouth and lips. Ive also had strange feelings in my lips when eating heated food - like I've been eating spicy food.

Does anyone else have symptoms like this, particularly those triggered by direct heat?

My history - 43yo Caucasian female. symptoms have been occuring for - at least - 2 years but I have history occuring up to 5 years ago. The heat issue above only started 4 months ago. I have seen a neurologist and had 2 MRIs in the past 18 months. I have 17 lesions on my brain but the neurologist noted that there were no changes between the 2 MRIs and feels that the lesions could have other origins (I dont agree). I have had a lumber punch which did not show any abnormalities. Neuro has suggested another MRI in 6 months, and another 12 months if that shows nothing.

I am getting a second opinion - is there anything I should ask?

  1. Hi ! With 17 lesions and your symptoms, a second opinion is a good idea. Is your new neurologist an MS specialist? Has your doctor considered other possible diseases and disorders, like Lyme disease? Lyme disease can cause lesions and many symptoms similar to MS. It can be detected with a blood test. There are several other illnesses that mimic MS as well, causing lesions and nerve damage. It is important to find out exactly what you are dealing with in order to find the most effective treatment.
    Any kind of temperature extreme can cause paresthesia. Hot temperatures, in particular, can effect the functioning of already damaged nerves. It might be helpful to let your food cool more before you eat it the sensation bothers you.
    Please keep us posted on your next appointment. I hope you get answers and relief soon!
    Best wishes! – Lori,, Team Member

    1. thanks Lori. I have had a number of other tests to try and eliminate known causes of these symptoms. I cant say I have been tested for Lymes disease but we have crossed off things like diabetes, B12 deficiencies and high blood pressure.

      From what i have read - 17 lesions would be a high number - as I have had no known medical history to explain them (no head injuries etc). The neurologist seamed to think they were significant, until he compared the 2 MRI's 16 months apart and didn't see any significant differences. That combined with the clear lumbar punch and he "seamed" to decide it was psychological rather than neurological....

      I am in a small area of Qld australia and am lucky to have a neurologist in the district - he is the only one for 400kms. the 2nd opinion will need to be from a visiting neuro - or i can investigate some specialists in Brisbane and travel to them - now I am thinking that this might be the way to go.

      1. It might be worthwhile to travel, . Even the best doctors sometimes miss something or misdiagnose someone. I hope you find answers and relief soon. Thinking of you! – Lori,, Team Member

        1. Hi ,
          Did you ever get an answer? I don't have MS, but was searching the web for your exact question in reference to POTS/dysautonomia, for which I am in the process of getting diagnosed. I have just started noticing the tingling happening to me. It's in my left foot anytime it heats up--whether exercising or in a hot bath. Hot baths also make me feel extremely drugged at times, but not always. It sucks that something that should be relaxing can put us in more pain!

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