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Please Help Me with these Results!

Hi everyone. I'm here from a long chain of events. First of all, I am a female, 38 years old, general good health. My cousin has MS, if that is important.

About a year ago, I started experiencing flashing lights in my peripheral vision. Eye doctors ruled that my eyes are completely normal. A few months ago, the flashing got worse, usually in a darkened room or when standing fast. Three eye doctors confirmed nothing wrong with my eyes, and no optic neuritis. Retinal specialist also said nothing wrong. One eye doctor asked for an MRI to rule out a tumor.

MRI showed no tumor, but three small dot lesions. I am not an MRI reader, but they didn't look "active' to me. The eye doc said it was probably ocular migraine, they were non specific, but to see a neurologist just to be sure.

Neurologist ordered blood tests. They came back fine. Then ordered a spinal tap, which I had two days ago (still have major headache from it). Spinal tap was normal, all levels fine EXCEPT 4 Oligoclonal Bands. So now I am freaking out. Is this early MS?? Everything else is normal and I don't have any other symptoms plus my neurologist won't call me back yet.

Anyone have any thoughts?

  1. I'm sorry to hear the long struggle that you've had with getting answers to explain or validate your symptoms. It's frustrating, not to mention, exhausting have to go through all those doctor's appointments and tests.

    It does sound like you've had all the important tests, which is a big hurdle. When do you have a follow up with the neurologist to discuss the results? Unfortunately we don't have medical backgrounds to be able to offer medical advice. I'm glad that you found this community though as we have a lot of articles on this site that you might find helpful and share firsthand experience.

    Keep us posted as you feel comfortable doing so. We're thinking of you and hope you have a good outcome with your appointment.
    Alene, moderator

    1. Hi, !

      I know it must be frustrating to go through test after test and not have a clear diagnosis.

      The presence of oligoclonal bands doesn't necessarily mean you have MS, but please keep in mind, as Alene pointed out, we are not medical experts. Oligoclonal bands can signify an immune response and can point to any munber of issues, like Lupus, infection, other inflammatory conditions, etc). I know none of those issues sound like a diagnosis you would want. Since your situation is a bit confusing, I would definitely keep pushing for answers. And I do hope your neurologist gets back to you!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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