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Just received positive result for JC Virus, but have never been on any MS med?

I haven't seen anyone talk about having JCV that has NOT been on Tecifedra or The other one that begins with a "T" - Sorry, brainfart?! Lol!

  1. Hi Tami,
    Thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry you had a positive result for the JC virus! The JC virus is actually fairly common and can be passed easily person to person. The problem is that the JC virus can lead to PML (progressive multifocal leukoenchephalopathy...what a mouthful!) in people with compromised immune systems, such as people taking Tecfidera or Tysabri, which are MS meds that suppress the immune system. This article has lots more useful info regarding this:
    Have you spoken with your doctor yet about what your positive result for JCV means for you? If not, we would encourage you to!
    Again, thank you for reaching out! I hope this info was helpful for you!
    Christina, Team

    1. Tysabri

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