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Rate of deterioration question

My partner is pretty much self diagnosed - after years and years of disregard from doctors who couldnt find any evidence of strokes (events where she couldnt talk or move, or events where she blacked out entirely - usually proceeded by a strong headache). Lately a new symptom appeared when she became stressed - incontinence. Also, she has had UTIs often, suffered nerve pain in her neck and back and on and on.
What we are worried about is rate of deterioration and what should we expect to happen next. If the stress at work (and at home) continues, will the rate increase? what should we be looking out for in new symptoms?
thanks in advance, the worried partner

  1. Has your partner been evaluated by a neurologist? I would immediately find a neurologist that is reputable and request a referral from my primary care physician. It is possible that your partner has another neurological disorder. Please don't delay in the seeking a referral and appointment with a neurologist.

    1. I agree with bddouglas320. If your Partner has not seen anyone about the development of incontinence, I recommend seeking another opinion maybe from an Internal Medicine Specialist who could look at all the symptoms in case it's not just a neurological issue and then refer back to Neuro if it is. MS can mimic many other conditions. Here's an article that gives some information on that: While it sounds neurologically connected, it may be triggered by a chemical imbalance elsewhere so if the neurological groups aren't working for you, try the Internal Medicine guys and work backwards.


        A good friend of mine suggested that I watch Lee talk about MS. Lee is the owner of King Harvest Wellness and the guy with the big beard in the video. I learned some great information about cannabis oil. I share this and share this only. Listen to your doctors always but still keep learning (:

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