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What is the best treatment for shingles?

Hello, I’m starting my 4th, yes 4th, bout with shingles in the last 6 years or so. My question is, have you had this? If so, how or what was the best treatment? It hasn’t completely come out yet. I can hardly see anything, but I know what’s coming. And thoughts, ideas, experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Hi ! First off, I am SO sorry that you are dealing with your fourth round of shingles! That just plain stinks! Frankly, since you have had a lot of experience with this condition, I don't know if I have any great suggestions for you. Hopefully, other community members can chime in with some tips and tricks to make dealing with this more manageable. I will say that the shingles topic does come up within this community from time to time. This article about shingles and herpes touches on how to avoid or manage both issues -- It may have some information that you can use. Again, I hope you get more feedback and actually, I hope this bout of shingles is extremely mild! And that you can avoid another episode for a VERY long time! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thanks so much... it has been “better” than previous episodes. It just happens to be visible now. On my neck, face, chest. But, I will make it!

      1. Hi mcleod6699,

        good to hear that this bout has at least been better on you, but must be awfully painful!

        Hope you manage to have a decent day today, please keep us posted...Janus

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