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Shoes for hinged AFO brace?

Need recommendations for neutral motion control shoes to fit over a hinged AFO brace wearing as result of foot drop. Researching and more confused than ever. Hv looked at several New Balance Shoes; i.e. 1260 & 990. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I was told new balance shoes were the best to get by my ortho.

    1. Hi crzyallday! I know many of our members like New Balance shoes for overall comfort and stability.

      While this link is from our sister site,, I thought some of the shoe suggestions may give you some ideas of other brands to check out --

      They may or may not work with your brace, but these are all brands that individuals with foot and pain issues recommend.

      I hope you find the right shoe for your needs!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. You need a show that has a deep depth, or something u can take the insole out. New Balance are very good. There is also a brand of shoe propet, and another shoe I cannot think of in case you do not want sneakers.Look for extra depth.

        1. Any way u can find out name of shoe? Would like to check out. Got NB but they r going to be very hot in the Arizona summer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

      2. I suppose I've gone through thousands of dollars of shoes because of I'm vain, and was in denial. Still vain, but Aldo has a shoe that works well with the has a zipper on each side and laces up as well.They call it a bootie but looks like a stylish tennis shoe. Also Kenneth Cole has a bootie with hidden elastic on sides for ease getting into the shoe. Inserts can be removed in both styles.

        1. Thanks for the info. Got NB 926 (think) but not that enamoured of them. Searched online before got them & don't remember seeing Aldo but I will certainly check out. With the NB ones can't keep brace in them as laces don't allow foot to go in. Zippers on side would probably allow this. Really appreciate the info. ❤

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