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Sister is a jerk...

My older sister, who is very hauty and narcissistic, asked me how I was via text message a few weeks ago.
I replied that I was very tired that day.
Her reply: `Well, that happens sometimes. '
I can tell by her statements in the past, that she has never looked up anything about MS at all. The only reason she cares at all is because her ex-boyfriend died of complications of PPMS. That shocked her, but not enough to actually read anything about it, or to know the types oh MS.
A few years ago, she told me, in a drunken stupor (an all to common state for her) to 'get the f out of my house.' Twice!
I could go on and on about her nasty behavior...
I guess the point here is that the invisibility of this illness is a serious problem, even sometimes with family.
To her, unless it's obvious like a mobility aid, it doesn't exist, and therefore I'm just a malingerer.

  1. Hi . It must be incredibly frustrating to deal with your sister's digs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, as you know, you can't control the actions of others. You can only control your reactions to them and, in this case, it sounds like she deserves absolutely none of your mental energy, at least when she behaves like that. I hope you don't waste it on her. Please know we are always here for you when you need a safe place to vent. Sending lots of gentle hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. That's so nice! Thank you.
      My whole post was venting. I appreciate people reading my words and being so positive.

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