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Every MS Superhero Needs a Sidekick

We want to know about your sidekick. Are they your best friend, your doctor, family member, or a pet? Share here what makes them the perfect sidekick to you. Feel free to include pictures as well!

  1. Lately I am at the end of my rope. I work full-time, I manage a commercial office building with over 260 people. I have had MS for 24 years and my symptoms are getting worse.

    Although I still walk (sometimes fall) or bang into walls at work, I am still mobile. Lately, I am getting hit from all sides here and at home. My husband is on SSD already from car accident 32 years ago (we are the walking wounded). Maybe help doing dishes or vacuuming rarely. I am trying to manage work, home and our pets (the only ones who give me comfort). I am trying not to cry writing this. I cannot afford mental health appointments due to the high cost of co-pays.

    I have two beautiful cats (twins from birth) and a Sheltie. Zippy, Phoebe and Cole. If it were not for them I think suicide would be better option at this point. I need your help folks!


  2. My sidekick is definitely my husband who drives me now that I am unable, helps me get dressed each morning, cooks all meals with instructions from me to help, gets most groceries with a list I provide for the meal plans for 1 week. He also makes me a 5-fruit smoothie with protein each morning. If I fall and it needs doctoring, he has all the supplies to do it and he’s very good at it and gentle. He’s often there to prevent falls. He made a home gym for me to do exercises daily to keep up my strength. He’s good at fixing my scooter when it has trouble. He helps me to get set up to do arts & craft day with my friends to make my life very enjoyable, even though I’m confined to this chair.

    1. Lucky you!💕

    2. Your sidekick sounds like he has it together! I'm glad you have him on your team. best, Laura, MSnet moderator

  3. Bryan Warbelton

    1. My husband is my best friend, my cheerleader, my caregiver, and my everything. Before the oral medications, he would give me my injections. He remembers symptoms or questions that I may forget when we visit my MS specialist. He has been by my side since my diagnosis nineteen years ago. He understands when I need a nap after work or I just don't feel like going out on the weekends.

      God knew what He was doing when he paired us together. I have also been his caregiver for 26 years. He was injured while performing a training jump with the 82nd Airborne. As an SCI patient, he completely understands my nerve pain, numbness, and weakness. My husband and I

      1. , Wonderful to hear how you each are the other's superhero and sidekick. Sounds like you make a fabulous pair. --Lisa (Team Member)

      2. as I was reading your note I was thinking "I bet he says the same about her!" and then I get to your closing paragraph and see what a great team you two make. Congratulations on being a dynamic duo! Laura, MSnet moderator

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