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Sources for helping maintain residents?

I have RRMS and have been diagnosed for about 3 years now. I am doing everything I can to keep things going on the home front. My house was built in 1964 and is in need of some repairs. I used to be able to tackle these issues with no problem. I still have a lot of tools and some materials.

I get very tired and I am currently on a CPAP due to my sleeping cycles. I still mow my lawn, trim my hedges and around Halloween due my normal haunted house for the kids, but I have a lot of help with that.

My question is, does anyone know of any assistance one can seek to help do the bigger jobs like Plumbing or taking care of a bathroom that is small? I have a very hard time in my hall bathroom due to balance and vertigo. Not asking for a hand out at all, just a helping hand. Willing to pay for this but I do have a budget on a fixed income as I am sure everyone here is.

Thank you


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