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Has anyone else lost the ability to automatically not speak everything you are thinking?

For the past 3 years or so I have started to speak everything I am thinking without wanting to. I can think in my head but only when I am focusing on not speaking otherwise I say it all out loud usually a little quieter than my regular speaking volume. I am just wondering if anyone else has this odd side-effect of M.S.

  1. Hi, sorry to hear about that! I'm very curious to hear what your neurologist says about it. While it isn't super common, people with MS can have some difficulties like this if MS damages the normal inhibitory functions of the brain:

    Definitely speak to your doctor about it though, because it could potentially be a separate, non-ms-related issue.

    1. I have asked my M.S. doctor about it and he has never heard of it, but with a brain short circuiting from this disease it can cause all sorts of odd symptoms. I have recently had another MRI & it didn't show anything except a small new lesion which is unfortunately not a surprise since my body used up the Ocrevus at least 2 months before my 6 months were up.

  2. Yes it’s thing!! Its part of the brain to mouth thing we have, A to B, now A to C to B..Our brain is looking to make a new pathway...Sometimes our mouth is faster I find my spouse always saying what??...& Im realizing it was goes the other way too..I think Im saying something & nothing comes out. I used to get frustrated. Got sent to speech therapy. Learn take a breath, keep lips tight, swallow then speak 😀

    1. Hi @doublebreve. I am glad you found a neurologist who is familiar with it and that speech therapy helped. That's good to know. Thanks for sharing! - Lori (Team Member)

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