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Spotlight: Coping During the Holiday Season

Need a safe space to talk or even vent about the holiday season? Share here!

  1. My wife left me shortly after I was diagnosed because "I could no longer participate in the future she wanted" that was 8 years ago. This year, My 29 yr old son came down with a minor infection. He died four days later so the day after thanksgiving was the 7 mo. anniversary of his death and Christmas Eve will be the 8 mo anniversary.

    I transitioned to SPMS about 4 yrs ago and it's slowly taking away my legs and the use of my left hand. I used to be the one everybody knew they could depend on if they needed help. they've all disappeared now that I'm the one who could use some help. So...the one thing I can count on is to spend the holidays alone. No one will call, no cards will arrive in the mail, no one will visit. I'm pretty much homebound now, so the only thing the holiday's mean this year is a time to try to not be overcome with anger and bitterness.

    Hope the rest of you have a better time this holiday season.

    1. I'm so sorry @D-bob. I can't imagine all the losses you've experienced. I know there isn't much I can say but you're so brave for everything you've been dealt with. Thinking of you! - Kelly, Team Member

    2. Thank you so much for sharing, D-bob! You have definitely survived a great deal in your years on this Earth! I appreciate your candor and honesty! I do hope that you are able to keep finding reasons to keep smiling, despite all that life has thrown you. Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. D-bob, i was very touched by your post. I am very sad for the tragic losses in your life. MS is an ugly disease that takes away our lives as we knew them. I also have a progressive form and it takes more and more from me every day. I send you caring thoughts.

    1. Kelly,

      Exactly 6 months and one week to the day after I graduated H.S., my plane touched down in Sunny South Vietnam and at the age of 19, I was an Army Medic. After my first tour was up, I volunteered for a second. (glutton for punishment in my mis-spent youth).

      I spent the next 25+ yrs working with men who had been found not guilty by reason of mental illness of a violent or sexual crime.

      I guess I've somewhat survived all that so maybe that's why I keep on keepin' on That, a sarcastic sense of humor and a Medical Marijuana on the MS symptoms

  3. Thank you.

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